Jackson is the most powerful man in the mining boom town of Jacksons Hole. It used to be called something else, but that name was forgotten once Jackson and his gang moved in. Jackson takes 1 credit for every 3 made in Jackson's Hole. 

Not much is known about Jackson as he doesn't confide in too many people and those he does ain't talking, if not out of fear then out of respect. Some say he was a Merc or Veteran of some war from the Core World before he ended up on Kar-Lissel, but he makes his home here now. 

He runs his operation out of a Merlin Class Transport ship that is landed just on the outskirts of town. Some say the ship won't fly anymore but only Jackson knows whether that is true or not. 

He treats his men well as long as they stay loyal and those who ain't have been made a very gruesome and visible example to the rest of the folks in town. He is ruthless but he also has a reputation for being fair, and he doesn't usually victimize the innocent, but to those who cross him, he is a merciless adversary.   

Jackson has investments in every mining claim around Jackson's Hole, and those that don't give him a piece have a funny way of closing down, and their owners go missing. He also has an interest in every saloon, brothel, and supply stores as well. 


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