Freelancers of Jackson's Hole

Session 1-Out into the Wastelands

The team met up at the Pick and Drill to celebrate their last job, but Jefferson Penny was conspicuously absent. Not long after they settled in for a social evening of drinking and cards, a group of rowdy miners came in and took exception with Tez trying to get a round of drinks at the bar. A typical bar brawl soon ensued. 

Tez managed to take on 3 of the hooligans while Franko dropped some strategically placed bottles on the floor to make things treacherous. Alex managed to convince one of the miners that another of his friends had stolen from him and even got into the fray breaking a bottle over another's head. 

Coyote tried to intervene when one of the miners looked like he was fixing to pick a fight with Zed and stepped in front of a punch that rang his bell. 

Initially happy to watch, McCree wouldn't have any of these ruffians messing with his friend Franko and joined the fight. 

The crew handled the miners fairly easily before Porter finally ended the fracas with a shot from his shotgun. He also told the crew that Jackson himself wanted to see them. 

The gang met with Jackson on his Merlin class transport that doubled as his office and home where he told them that he felt after busting up his place, they should do him a favor and find one of his men, Dutch who had been snatched by a bunch of Black Wing Nomads

He told the team about the Black Wings and their mysterious new leader Mad Crow. He made it clear going sooner was better then later as there are more then a few stories about there being cannibals amongst these particular Nomads, and he'd like to have Dutch back and preferably undigested! 

The gang agreed knowing, its always a good idea to stay in Jackson's good graces and gathered some supplies before setting out in the Hellraiser. Not long after they had driven out of sight of Jacksons Hole they were attacked by Black Wing raiders in a three dune buggies.  Tez proved his lack of concern for his personal safety by jumping off a moving Hellraiser and then jumping onto one of the moving buggies and managed to dispatch the driver and his passenger. 

Alex managed to cause quite a bit of trouble for a buggy with a harpoon gun that had lost its original driver after a deadly sniper shot made by McCree, with a bag of caltrops he had stashed inside the Hellraiser. That and some fancy driving by Coyote and Frankos deft aim at taking out the other buggies tires sent that vehicle flipping over and exploding in a fireball after a wildly swerving harpoon buggy ended up shooting his buddy and having the harpoon ripped off the vehicle. That vehicle now down a driver and harpoon gunner decided it would probably be best to find easier prey. 

Now the team has had a minute to catch their breaths, they hitched up the working buggy to the Hellraiser and continued their journey to find a hermit who calls himself Kolzig and supposedly knows where the Black Wings make their nest. 


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